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We were recently faced with the challenge of getting a furniture project done during Lock-Down.


We had received the order prior to the announcement of the lock-down, so it had gone into production fortunately, and most of it had been completed and placed into a safe storage facility. However, we needed get it done as our client in Zimbabwe, was under pressure to move into their new premises.

Thankfully we moved from level 5 to level 4 which allowed for production (at 30% capacity), to resume. We got the order done, now we had the challenge of getting the cargo to Zim, and doing the installation. Since the cargo was assessed and approved as essential, we could get going. Fingers and toes crossed for safe passage of this valuable, bespoke furniture.

The next step, however, was doing a virtual assembly on the product before it left SA, to pass onto our partners in Zimbabwe to perform the installation as we were unable to travel due to the restrictions. We spent days doing this, filming it and drafting detailed assembly drawings, as well as a detailed floor plan lay-out.
Everything went according to plan, the cargo arrived on time in Harare, and in good order. Our Zim team performed the installation without any hitches and did an amazing job in record time. We were over the moon with the results. As was our client, GDI. Here are just a couple of images to showcase some of the furniture.
We are proud to say that we not only specified this product, but personally over-saw the production, wrapping for export, and all export documentation from start to finish.

This lock-down has taught us so much, and made us more appreciative of the processes that would usually be very simple (and that we take for granted). We had to make a plan, and we did. We will use this valuable lesson going forward and always cherish the partnerships we have grown during this uncertain time.

We are grateful and humbled that GDI entrusted their beautiful office space with BGS.


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