Office relocation

Office Relocation - Your nightmare, our dream!

Bonnett Global Sourcing, together with JK Installers, recently embarked on a special project for World Bank.

The brief.....relocation of existing furniture to their new offices in Tanzania and Lesotho.

We arrived on site and were up for the challenge that lay ahead. All the furniture that needed to be sent was stored for many years in the underground parking area.


Needless to say, full of dust, spiderwebs and packed all over in piles!

Over a period of two days, we cleaned, wrapped, marked and packed up the consignment. We provided our client with a detailed packing list with bar-codes for ease of reference on the other side. We ensured all the export paperwork was done and submitted for clearing.

Our installation team will travel to the sites in the coming month to re-assemble the furniture.

Bonnett Global Sourcing - no job is outside our spectrum of expertise. We are happy to alleviate the head-ache of relocation. From start to finish.

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