STB - Seychelles


Once again, BGS was privileged to be a part of a spectacular project based in pure paradise - Mahe, Victoria Seychelles.

We were involved from start to finish. We procured the furniture, oversaw the manufacturing, packaging and finally the packing of the container in Durban. We ensured that all paperwork for the export was done for a seamless clearing on the other side.

The shipment wasn't without it's minor challenges, but we overcame these thanks to an amazing team who know how to problem solve and get the job done. Even our wonderful client got involved with the off-loading and transportation to site. What a feeling to see the pure excitement on their faces at the prospect of new office furniture.

The installation ran over a period of four days, with furnishing two floors. The heat and humidity was quite intense, but it was well worth it to see the end result.

Thank you to our wonderful client, for choosing BGS to furnish their future! And for the heart-warming hospitality shown to us whilst we were there. We hope to be back soon again, for the next project!

We managed a day of "down time" to explore the island before heading back to Johannesburg.

Indescribable beauty...