Kinshasa Done and Dusted!


Kg of Boxes Unpacked

Chairs Assembled

Pieces of Furniture Assembled


Happy Project Managers

Bonnett Global Sourcing has successfully completed their largest installation since its inception in September 2015.

We installed furniture into all the offices, meeting rooms, boardroom, reception area and repro centre. We also shop-fitted the kitchen area, hung artwork & white boards in all the offices and gorgeous curtains in the boardroom.

What a wonderful experience to see an empty shell transformed into beautiful spaces to be enjoyed by the staff.

Here's to our next challenge, wherever it may take us!

The Virgyl Lamp

What we learnt

Never under estimate the experience you received from spending time with your grandmother, hanging curtains, as a youngster! This came to mind and in very handy when our installation manager, Virgyl, had to install rods and put up heavy fully lined linen curtains in the main boardroom!

You can never anticipate all the glitches no matter how finely you plan or prepare. The trick is to know how to problem solve and stay calm. Installations, especially in Africa, can throw you curve balls. In my case, it was losing the lamp shade for the reception areas' focal lamp. Nowhere in Kinshasa was I able to buy 'just a lamp shade' (and we did a fair amount of 4x4ing in central town searching for one). Shades only  come with a rather ornate lamp base! Creativity comes in all forms - the custom made shade courtesy of the installation guys (The Virgyl Lamp)! The replacement shade was sent later!

Have a good understanding of your shipping and customs timelines! Make sure you work with a reputable shipping agent that can speak the local language.

Enjoy the installation. No matter how much hard work it is, remember to take the time to laugh and get to know the people you are working with. If you can (highly recommended), explore the country a bit. Africa has so much to offer in terms of their local cuisine, night life and overall hospitality.