Office relocation

Bonnett Global Sourcing, together with JK Installers, recently embarked on a special project for World Bank.

The brief.....relocation of existing furniture to their new offices in Tanzania and Lesotho.

We arrived on site and were up for the challenge that lay ahead. All the furniture that needed to be sent was stored for many years in the underground parking area.

I have a bucket list of places to visit in Africa. Well actually, if I had my way, I would visit every single country in Africa!
On my list was Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Other than it being in East Africa’s largest country, it has had me curious in terms of business opportunities. The name sounds exotic, and being so close to Zanzibar (with the origin of its name made up of Tanganyika and Zanzibar to form the United Republic of Tanzania in 1964), who could resist?